Mayfield VC Navin Chaddha shares 4 crucial steps to take when seeking first round funding

Mayfield’s Navin Chaddha shares the importance of securing the right founders and seed investors in a startup. The founding team should complement each other’s strengths, fill gaps, and shape company culture.  He says the first round founding investor should be able to actively help the founders build the startup. See more stories on Insider’s business […]

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Being able to unfocus your eyes is perhaps something most people would assume everyone has the ability to do. However, according to Healthline, this isn’t actually the case. When a person unfocuses their eyes, zovirax mims they do so by relaxing the ciliary muscles in their eyes, which in turn causes them to lose focus. In […]

Coca-Cola is at the center of a debate over corporate social justice, with an anti-affirmative-action activist threatening to sue over its supplier diversity program

Coca-Cola spoke out against a Georgia voting law after being accused of dragging its feet. The company’s top lawyer just resigned after rolling out a program to elevate Black attorneys. An anti-affirmative-action activist calls Coke’s program an illegal quota and is threatening to sue. See more stories on Insider’s business page. Coca-Cola can’t catch a […]

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There are just tons of weight loss tips and tricks out there and people can’t seem to pick which one would work best for them. What most people need to understand is that by doing regular exercise and proper diet, they would be able to stay healthy, then again for those who wish to shed […]

Major upgrades to the Ethereum network could help the cryptocurrency soar even higher. Here's a roadmap to the changes | Currency News | Financial and Business News

Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters Ether has soared to record highs, in part because of growing interest in the Ethereum network. But major changes are coming to the blockchain, which some investors say could send ether higher. Developers are overhauling how fees work and plan to make it much more environmentally friendly. Sign up here for our daily […]

Peloton says Tread's return could take months following treadmill recall

Peloton issuing recall on treadmills may impact demand: BMO managing director BMO Capital Markets managing director Simeon Siegel discusses the impact of Peloton’s treadmill recall. It could take months before Peloton's less expensive treadmill goes on sale.  The connected fitness company that recalled its treadmill products earlier this week said it's working with the Consumer […]

Today's mortgage and refinance rates: May 8, 2021 | Rates slip

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. With the exception of 10/1 ARM rates, all purchase and refinance mortgage rates have gone down since last Saturday. The decreases aren’t very significant, though. All rates are down since this time last month. Rates are low across the board, […]