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High blood pressure: Lifestyle changes to reduce reading High blood pressure is a common condition whereby the force of blood pushing against your artery walls is consistently too high. This pressure has grave knock-on effects, not least raising the risk of heart disease. The lack of symptoms that can alert you to this harmful process […]

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Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen. Family physician Maxwell Self is doing his same old job for a new employer. For two decades he was a doctor with Mercy Hospital. But when Mercy packed up and left, a federally qualified health center moved to town — into the hospital building itself — and […]

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Como médica de emergencias, la doctora Eugenia South fue parte del primer grupo de personas en recibir la vacuna contra covid. Tuvo su segunda dosis a principios de enero, incluso antes que el presidente electo Joe Biden. Así y todo, South dice que no tiene apuro por dejar de usar máscara “Honestamente, no creo que […]

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Frente a una pandemia, un desempleo sin precedentes y unos costos inciertos para los tratamientos de COVID-19, las aseguradoras que venden planes médicos en los mercados establecidos por la Ley de Cuidado de Salud a Bajo Precio (ACA) reaccionaron, en general, con sólo aumentos modestos de las primas para 2021. “Lo que resulta fascinante es […]

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As the novel coronavirus emerged in the news in January, Sarah Keeley was working as a medical scribe and considering what to do with her biology degree. By February, as the disease crept across the U.S., Keeley said she found her calling: a career in public health. “This is something that’s going to be necessary,” […]

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With front-line health workers and nursing home residents and staff expected to get the initial doses of COVID vaccines, the thornier question is figuring out who goes next. The answer will likely depend on where you live. While an influential federal advisory board is expected to make its recommendations later this month, state health departments […]

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On Sundays, Bishop Bruce Davis preached love. Through his Pentecostal ministry, he organized youth parades and gave computers, bicycles and food to families in need. During the week, Bruce practiced what he preached, caring for prisoners at a Georgia hospital. On March 27 he began coughing, haldol injection and alcohol and on April 1 he […]

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In March, Sue Williams-Ward took a new job, with a $1-an-hour raise. The employer, a home health care agency called Together We Can, was paying a premium — $13 an hour — after it started losing aides when COVID-19 safety concerns mounted. Williams-Ward, a 68-year-old Indianapolis native, was a devoted caregiver who bathed, dressed and […]

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The effort to vaccinate some of the country’s most vulnerable residents against covid-19 has been slowed by a federal program that sends retail pharmacists into nursing homes — accompanied by layers of bureaucracy and logistical snafus. As of Thursday, more than 4.7 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna covid vaccines had been allocated to […]

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In a new video, Hudson White (one half of YouTube duo the Buff Dudes) shares some of the rookie errors he made in the early days of his fitness journey back when he was a teenager, shared some of the things he wishes he’d known when he was starting out, and outlined the workout plan […]