‘Zero effort’ hack to clean oven racks – ‘grime literally wipes off’

Mrs Hinch reveals super effective oven cleaning hack

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It doesn’t take long for an oven to get incredibly dirty. If you use the appliance at all, baked-on grease, sticky grime, and burnt bits are likely to accumulate. Of course, these days, lots of households have a self-cleaning oven, which is great for eliminating the grime from the interior but potentially damaging to the racks. While degreasing oven racks and restoring shine may not be a fun chore, a cleaning enthusiast has shared a “zero effort” way to get the job done, which means no scrubbing at all.

Taking to a dedicated Mrs Hinch cleaning page on Facebook, one woman shared how she managed to get her oven racks gleaming. 

Along with posting pictures of the process and before and after photos, Zoe Wiley said: “Absolutely amazed by the oven rack bath tip. They [the oven racks] have come up like new with zero effort.

“Soaked them in a hot bath for an hour and a half with two washing pods, two full caps of fabric softener and a tumble dryer sheet. The grime literally wipes off.”

Zoe noted that she only used the tumble dryer sheet for its scent, so for those who do not own any, it won’t make a difference to the cleaning process if it is not used.

The post received an astounding 430 comments from fellow cleaning fanatics eager to give this hack a go.

When asked if this hack is genuinely effective, Zoe replied: “It really works. I was gobsmacked.”

Patricia Neil said: “I’ve just tried this tip out and it has worked a treat. They’re like brand new.”

Francis Cat commented: “Just used softener with mine. Came out sparkling and smelling lovely.”

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Zoe also shared an option for those who do not own a bath after one woman asked about how to carry out the method. Rebecca said: “Never done that before. Any suggestions if I only have a shower and no bath?”

Zoe replied: “Maybe a large plastic storage box if you have one. I wasn’t sure it would work, but saw someone else’s post so gave it a go – it definitely works.”

Inspired by the post, other cleaning enthusiasts suggested using dishwasher tablets to remove grease and grime from oven racks.

Gill Hallett said: “I do mine with dishwasher tablets in the bath which works very well. But will have to give this a try next time to compare.”

Jeanine Robb commented: “If you wrap the racks in tin foil and put holes in it with a fork, then put onto an old towel in the bottom of the bath with really hot water and two to three dishwasher tablets, it works a treat.

“It keeps most of the grease and grime in the tin foil and won’t leave your bath so dirty.”

Samantha Smale agreed with the method. She said: “I did mine the other day after seeing the dishwasher tablet trick. I only did one rack to start with as I wasn’t sure it would work.

“Wrapped it in tin foil, laid it in the bath, put three dishwasher tablets in the bath with it (one inside with the rack and the other two on top go the foil) and poured hot water over it (enough to cover it all).

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“Then left it overnight. In the morning I just wiped it with a cloth and all the grime came off really easily.

“I did my second rack without the tin foil and it worked exactly the same.” The tin foil seems to come in handy to stop the grease and grime from dirtying the bath.

Dishwasher tablets are made of concentrated dishwasher detergent and promise to cut through tough grease and leave your dishes sparkling. 

Plus, the hard powder tablets have an abrasive surface that helps to scour away those stuck-on stains but is gentle enough not to scratch the oven glass.

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