‘You’ll be amazed’: Phil Spencer shares ‘number one tip’ for updating the home on a budget

Phil Spencer shares tips for updating your home

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Phil Spencer is the property expert who regularly shares buying and selling advice. As well as this, Phil has also shared renovation tips and tricks, including his recent video on how to update the home on a budget. Sharing advice on his Move iQ YouTube channel, the expert explained: “Get your tech in order, our homes are littered with TVs, game consoles and routers and if you take a detective look, all those cables can really detract from the aesthetic.

“Get them untangled and tidied and you’ll be amazed at what an impact this can have.”

The property expert also recommended putting art on walls around the home.

He said: “You don’t need a fine art budget, simply go for the personal touch with photos of your family or artworks by the kids, framed and hung gallery style.

“There’s lots of ideas for gallery layouts on the internet, do check them out.”

When it comes to tidying the home, Phil recommended being “ruthless”.

He advised doing regular clear outs of the home in order to stay on top of belongings.

Phil added: “Think big too. Do you really need every piece of furniture? Sometimes taking items away can be just as effective as adding something new.”

For those who have lots of belongings, getting creative with storage options allows the home to look more tidy.

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The property expert said: “Maybe use vintage suitcases instead of ugly plastic boxes or use attractive baskets to store your stuff. Have a good nose around charity shops for inspiration.

“My next tip is to try upcycling. If your furniture has seen better days, don’t assume you have to buy replacements.

“A bit of paint and a little bit of DIY inspiration can go a long way and the result can be something completely unique.

“There are in fact plenty of YouTube tutorials and guides which can talk you through how to revamp your tired furnishings.”

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Phil also explained how updating walls around the home with a lick of paint can completely transform the property.

A bold feature wall and accessorising the room in different shades of the same colour can help update the home on a budget.

The expert added: “For instance, a cinnamon feature wall looks fantastic with a rug or cushion in brown and orange shades.

“Also add some greenery, plants, literally add some life to your home.

“Online marketplaces can be a great source of cheap plants as can green fingered friends and neighbours.

“Line them up along shelves and window sills for a lush look.”

Phil’s “number one tip” was to change rooms around, which includes moving furniture around.

He said: “Most people keep the same layouts since they moved in. It may even be how the previous owner had the room.

“Have a thing about that…rearranging the furniture can actually transform the place, so give it a go.”

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