‘You haven’t sold?!’ George Clarke left stunned after contestant cries over ‘burst pipe’

Flipping Fast: Couple devastated at profit made from renovation

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On this week’s episode of George’s Clarke’s Flipping Fast on Channel 4, contestant Zoe was left devastated after failing to get her home onto the market in time due to a “burst pipe”. The mum-of-three was determined to get her two-bedroom terrace in Chesterfield, Derbyshire on the market as soon as possible. The property needed a total overhaul but was based in an area that had seen solid growth over the last two years.

Zoe secured the property for £74,000, knocking a respectable £6,000 off the original asking price.

There was also potential to sell for £35,000 more.

The Crawley local was lucky enough to have a family network of tradespeople and had managed to almost complete the project to a high standard.

However, the day before estate agents were due to take photos of the property, a pipe burst.

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While she was at home almost 200 miles away, a pipe had “failed”.

After a three hour drive to Chesterfield, Zoe was left in tears after arriving to water all over the flooring.

“There’s water leaking,” she said.

“This is obviously extremely frustrating.

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“I’m not close enough for things like this to go wrong, especially a week before the house is meant to go on the market.

“Ultimately, it’s just too far from home. It takes me half the day to get up here and it’s exhausting.”

Despite the setback, Zoe was determined to get the house finished and onto the market.

At the end of the show, viewers found out whether Zoe had managed to sell and make a profit.

But George was left shocked when Zoe revealed the house was yet to go on the market.

Zoe said: “You won’t believe the week that I’ve had.

“I’ve had the worst week from hell. I had a burst water pipe…”

George asked: “You haven’t sold your house?”

Zoe replied: “I haven’t sold, George.”

The mum-of-three said the day before the estate agents were booked to photograph the property, there was water “everywhere” due to a “few loose connections”.

Property expert Stuart Douglas who co-hosts the show alongside George Clarke and Scarlette Douglas said a burst pipe could “cost you the £100,000”.

Zoe was confident that she would make a profit on the property sale after learning how much other properties had sold for on the same street.

“Hopefully it will line me up for a major comeback”, Zoe said.

George Clarke’s Flipping Fast sees six teams of first time property developers battling it out buying, renovating and selling homes across the country.

The teams were given £100,000, and whoever makes the most profit over a year will win £100,000.

The money they’re given must cover the price of the property price, any fees and renovation costs.

The teams can buy and sell as many homes as they like throughout the year.

However, if they spend even a penny over £100,000 they will instantly be disqualified.

The teams also gain advice from property experts Stuart and Scarlette Douglas.

George Clarke’s Flipping Fast is available to stream on All 4.

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