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DRIVERS could save up to £10,000 when buying a new car by shopping a bit further from home.

Brits are missing out on huge savings on popular motors by limiting their search to their immediate location, a new study has revealed.

A recent breakdown by Admiral Car Finance found drivers could make huge savings by extending their search by 200 miles from home.

Buyers interested in an Audi A3 fork out an average of £17,268 when buying within 20 miles of the Newcastle city centre, despite it only costing £7,489 when you extend the search radius to 200 miles.

Drivers in Cardiff, Glasgow and Southampton can also get reap massive savings by purchasing a car up to 200 miles from home, with average savings between £7,478 and £9,433.

Even London drivers could save a staggering £3,547 by hunting for a car outside of their immediate location.

You can even land a bargain a bit closer to home, according to the study.

Motorists in Newcastle are able to save £8,398 on average when buying within a 100-mile radius from home, compared to those within 20 miles of the city centre.

Typically, car buyers only travel an average of 13 miles when buying a new car, preferring to go somewhere more convenient.

While there may be some additional costs and research required associated to looking further afield, it can be an excellent way to save money.

Scott Cargill, chief executive of Admiral Car Finance, said: "Purchasing a car further from home might require a bit more time spent on research than just popping to your nearest car dealer, and usually requires the cost of a longer journey to collect the car, but we’ve found the savings that could be made far outweigh any additional costs on petrol or a train journey to get the keys.

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"With one in four buyers using some form of credit to purchase their car, finding the car you want for a cheaper price could also help consumers repay finance arrangements in a shorter period of time, or reduce the amount they needed to borrow in the first place.

"It’s definitely worth investing a bit more time in research in order to make big savings."

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