Woman shares how she made £1,000 in world’s easiest side hustle

Abby, a content creator on TikTok, has shared with her followers how her side hustle allowed her to earn an extra £1,000 in one month. On her channel, @sidehustleabby, the entrepreneur broke down how she was paid money to watch peoples’ pets.

She realized this could become a lucrative endeavor for her when she downloaded an app called Rover. This app allows people to earn money from dog walking and offers people five different services.

Side hustles have become increasingly popular with people looking to supplement their income and pursue passion projects. In a recent video, Abby urged her followers to sign up for the app but only if they promise to take proper care of the animals.

To her over 760,000 followers, the content creator broke down how much she was paid in such a short space of time. She explained: “Rover is one of the best side hustles out there. If you don’t know what Rover is, it’s a dog-walking app. You literally get paid to watch animals.

“So you can see here, I’ve earned £507.99 so far and I have £422.04 in pending earnings. I’ve only been on this app for about a month or two.

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“I’ve gotten requests from outside the app for about £348.47. My biggest tips, if you’re starting Rover, would be to have as much availability open as possible and to take really good profile pictures.

“Take them with your own pets if you have to but the sign-up fee is £27.10 and as you can see guys it’s been totally worth it for me.”

Included with the TikTok clip was a caption by Abby which read: “If you love animals, this one is for you.”

In the comment section of the video, the content creator’s followers shared their reactions to her money-making success.

One viewer shared: “I average about £1,548.76 to £2,323.14 a month. However, I have been gaining clients a lot since I started. If anyone wants helpful tips, I’d love to share.”

Another follower added: “This is my sign to sign up. I was debating on it. I love animals. I just don’t know if people around my way would use this app. As I don’t drive right now.”

A dog walker said: “Almost a year in and I now only take current clients. And even then I make £1,161.57 to £1,935.95

every month. Life changing.”

Those interested in learning more about Abby’s side hustle experiences can learn more by following her TikTok channel.

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