Woman divides opinion as she gets in furious row with parking warden over faulty meter | The Sun

A WOMAN has been caught on video arguing with a parking warden over a broken meter.

The video, uploaded to TikTok by user @gmg523 has the caption: 'Traffic warden giving a ticket unlawfully.'

Filmed with a smartphone the video starts with the woman saying: "When I've got a £1 coin that doesn't go through for some reason, what do I do?"

It becomes clear the woman has been given a parking ticket but is demonstrating to the warden that the machine isn't accepting her money.

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Holding the £1 coin up, she continues: "You're going to give me a ticket because this is my fault?

"Are you telling me this is my fault?"

The parking warden tries to reply but gives up as the woman continues to talk over him.

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The woman, now irate, says: "This is where you have to use your discretion.

"This is why we get so frustrated when it comes to parking tickets."

The parking warden tries to explain why he's issued the ticket again, but the woman keeps talking over him.

Eventually, the woman says she's not interested in his explanation as he has already issued the ticket and the warden walks off.


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But people were left divided over the argument down in the comments under the video.

One person said: "There's a number you call that is literally listed on the machine if there are issues with the machine. #justsaying."

But another said: "I agree with her, it happened to me because the machine was not working properly."

A third said: "I bet that machine takes card she could have used that if the coin didn’t work."

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