Window cleaning: Easy steps to remove streaks and leave windows sparkling

Window cleaning is something that will need to be done regularly to keep them sparkling. Experts have shared their tips on how to do this quickly and leave windows with no streaks.


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Cleaning a property can be a tedious chore that takes up a lot of time.

However with Britons being indoors more, this can be the perfect time to tackle big jobs.

While cleaning is something homeowners put off, some chores are avoided more than others, according to a recent study carried out by online bingo site tombola.

Cleaning the windows was voted the fourth “most hated chore” for Britons, with cleaning the blinds a close fifth.

Window cleaning

It may not be a homeowners favourite task, but experts at tombola have shared a simple tip to make the job easier.

They said: “Spray the window with cleaning spray then wipe away excess moisture with a kitchen towel.”

Cleaning the windows does not need to take a lot of time and can be completed by a quick spray of product.

While there are many products on the market, any simple cleaning spray can do the job.

They also shared an unusual trick to leave windows sparkling using a cupboard staple.

The experts added: “Buff dry with a coffee filter.”

Following the tricks can remove excess dirt from windows and leave them squeaky clean.


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Cleaning blinds

For those with blinds on their windows, the experts also gave tips to complete the dreaded task.

Homeowners can make their own cleaning tool to remove dust from non-fabric blinds.

“Wrap a microfibre cloth around a set of kitchen pincers/tongs,” the experts explained.

“Then wrap a tumble dryer sheet around the microfibre cloth and secure with elastic bands.

“Sweep across each horizontal blind remove dust on both sides.”

Doing this can dust more areas at once and save time in the long run.

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