Who developed the Pee and See app?

WHEN Apple cooked up its famous "there's an app for that" slogan, I doubt they had this in mind.

"Pee & See" is one of a number of Android and iOS apps that tracks when you urinate to help you stay hydrated – but who developed it?

1) What is the Pee & See app?

Pee & See reminds you to drink water throughout the day by tracking when you go to the bathroom.

The free app is described on its official website as "one of the easiest ways to get reminders to drink water with minimal work".

To use it, you simply tap a button every time you go for a tinkle.

You'll get a reminder to drink water when it's been over three hours since you last urinated.

You're even presented with a graph – a pee chart, if you will – plotting how many times you've gone to the toilet over the past week.

Pee & See says that regular water consumption can help with weight loss, reduce kidney stones and improve overall health and fitness.

The app is available on iPhone and Apple Watch via the Apple App Store but is not yet available on Android devices.

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2) Who developed the Pee & See app?

According to Apple's App Store, Pee & See was created by developer John Ganotis under his company Ganotis Holdings.

John has put together a number of apps for both the iPhone and Apple Watch, many of them health-related tracking services.

In a 2016 blog post on Medium, John explained what inspired him to build Pee & See.

"I knew I wasn’t drinking enough water," he wrote.

"Sometimes I would get terrible headaches as a result. This killed productivity and made me feel unhealthy.

"Tracking water intake was too annoying. I had a different idea: Tap a button every time I pee, then get a reminder when it had been a while."

3) Other pee-tracking apps

Pee & See isn't the only app that keeps track of your toilet breaks.

BladderPal, iUFlow and others all log your fluid intake and urine output to measure how hydrated you are.

The benefit of these apps is that they're also available on Android devices.

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