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NEW trends and challenges are always coming out of TikTok, and the latest claims that it can determine your hearing age.

Fitness coach Justin Agustin said in a video he shared on TikTok that a certain sound can test your hearing, so if you want to find out how good it is, read more as we tell you all about the test.

What is TikTok's hearing age test?

A loud, piercing tone will play and its frequency increases over time, making it sound higher and louder.

There will be a number on the screen that starts from 88 and can go all the way down to zero.

The number at which you stop hearing the tone is your hearing age and then you can compare it to your real age.

It aims to determine whether you have better or worse hearing than the people who are averagely your age.

Is the hearing age test results correct?

The results should not be taken seriously because TikTok has limitations which can deem results incorrect.

One commentator said: "TikTok's compression cuts out high frequencies to save on data costs."


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Another explained how you would need better equipment than just a phone for the test to be more accurate.

To test out hearing, you would need high-frequency speakers or headphones

You should always be careful when doing such tests on TikTok, especially those relating to health.

They are normally created as a trend and with an intention to attract more viewers and followers by people are not industry professionals.

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If you ever feel a sudden loss of hearing or feel like you have any problems, it is best to seek a doctor.

How to test hearing age correctly

There are several ways how to do a more accurate hearing test which are also approved by health professionals.

If you contact your GP, you can get a free hearing test as they will refer you to a hearing specialist – an audiologist.

You can also find approved hearing tests online, and the results will not only give your hearing levels but will also advise on whether you should seek to have a face-to-face test.

You can also go to a pharmacist or an optician for a hearing test, and these are normally free.

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