What is spicy rosé on TikTok? | The Sun

Summer and hot nights mean a perfect chance to sip on a yummy glass of wine.

TikTok's new spicy rosé is the latest 'it' drink people are hyping up.

What is spicy rosé on TikTok?

As the name suggests, spicy rosé refers to a glass of rosé topped with jalapeño slices.

The hot drink was created by TikTok content creator Allyssa who goes by the username, allyssainthekitchen.

In the video, Allyssa adds a glass of rose into a flask and cuts a couple of slices of jalapeño into the flask to infuse them.

She drinks them while golfing to chill down, and says she cannot stop drinking the spicy rosé in the summer.

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How can I make spicy rosé?

Making a glass of spicy rosé is very simple.

You take a glass of any rosé you have and pour it into a cup.

Then, you cup up some jalapeño pieces and drop them into the glass.

If you want to drink it cold, you can always add some ice.

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With these simple steps, you have yourself a glass of the trendy spicy rosé.

What are people saying about spicy jalapeño rosé online?

People are hopping on the spicy rosé trend, validating the yumminess of the recipe.

"Spicy rosè = Summer 2022," one commented on her video.

"I finally tried The Pale rose w/ jalapeño & it was the BEST poolside drink!! 💓" shared another excited user.

One TikTok user said: "I tried this last night and it is unreal so now I’m putting jalapeños in my topo Chico and seeing what other drinks are good with them!"

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