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APPLE last night rolled out 31 new emoji as part of its new iOS 16.4 update.

The tech giant appears to have bowed to public pressure on one in particular.

Apple has finally given iPhone users a plain pink heart – one of the most requested emoji for several years now.

It comes alongside pale blue and grey hearts.

Beyond the trio of new heart colours, there is one face emoji in the batch.

Most people say the shaking face is an anxious or stressed emoji.


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Although its meaning may change colloquially among certain age groups.

For example, when Gen Z iPhone owners began using the skull emoji as a sign of 'dying of laughter'.

There's some hand emoji with a range of colour ways, as well as a symbol for Wi-Fi.

Apple fans will be pleased to see a more cultural emojis too, such as a purple Khanda icon for Sikhism.

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This includes the folding hand fan, maracas and a hair pick.

New animal, food and flower emoji have also be hauled in.

A donkey, moose, goose, black bird, wing, jelly fish, ginger, peas, and a hyacinth have all been thrown into the mix.

The 31 new additions join thousands of emoji variations on Apple keyboards.

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