Watch van driver cut a corner and hit biker before driving off – everybody is saying the same thing | The Sun

A video uploaded to TikTok shows the shocking moment a biker is hit by a van in Worksop.

Uploaded by TikTok user 'alpineproject' the video is shot from a helmet cam from the biker's point of view.

The biker is approaching a typical T-junction, when a white van comes into view from the left.

The van gets to the junction at a similar time to the biker and begins to turn right into the road the biker is on, heading the other way.

But rather than time it correctly, the van cuts a huge corner driving onto the same side of the road.

It looks like there's just enough time to slam on the brakes and avoid a collision, but the van continues on into the front of the bike.

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The biker can be heard shouting: "urgh, f****r" before turning off the bike and walking it away to the left.

Amazingly, rather than staying put and checking that the biker is OK, the driver of the van immediately reverses and then drives off past the bike.

In the event of a low-speed accident you should check to see if you're blocking the flow of traffic before moving off.

Judging by the #suzuki and #gsxr hashtags on the TikTok video it could be an expensive repair too.

Depending on the exact model, the Suzuki GSX-R can cost as much as £17,000 – which makes it one of the more expensive on the market.


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The video had everybody saying the same thing in the comments about the van driver.

Totallytony on TikTok said: "People cutting corners is my second biggest pet hate next to people who don’t signal."

joannet230 said: "he turned onto the wrong side of road. omg….I hope you are ok."

While gilianwillcox236 commented: "White van totally crossed into wrong side of the road. Lucky it wasn’t going too fast."

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