Virtual barber shop guides you on cutting your own hair in £15 video call

IF isolating to tackle the coronavirus pandemic has left you in desperate need of a haircut then a 'virtual barber' could be the solution.

The appropriately named website has been set up with the aim of pairing you with a "world-class barber".

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The idea is that the barber will then talk you through cutting your own hair through video chat.

TV personality, chef, and business owner Josh Elkin said in an explainer video: "You know, pyjama bottoms are fine and everything, but I need my face to be presentable.

"I got livestreams, video chats, cooking videos to make.

"That’s where comes in."

How the virtual haircut works?

  • First you'll need to get your own tools, you may need to buy professional hair cutting scissors
  • Then you need to book and pay for your virtual appoinment
  • The barber will use video chat to direct you through your haircut
  • You should end up with shorter hair and a supported barber

Hairdressers and barbers will be out of work at the moment as people are advised to stay home and stay away from people who do not live in their household.

The haircut website is charging $18 (£15) for a quick cut and $30 (£24) dollars for a 45 minute session.

You'll need your own equipment so the barber or hairdresser selected for you can talk you through what to do.

You can even buy a virtual haircut appointment as a gift for someone if you think they are in desperate need of a trim.

The website states that this is a win-win situation because you can "look good and support five star barbers around the world."

One review on the website from someone based in the US reads: “You saved my life.

"My boyfriend looked hideous.”

In other news, YouTube has banned all videos linking 5G to the coronavirus pandemic.

Your internet may be getting slower as the coronavirus outbreak causes a huge surge in web traffic.

And, social media platforms have been inundated with bots trying to spread fake coronavirus news.

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