UFO reality no longer a question, it's a question of what they are: filmmaker

Jeremy Corbell: We see UFOs flying with impunity

‘Extraordinary Beliefs’ editor on what the government may know about UFOs

Editor of “Extraordinary Beliefs,” Jeremy Corbell joined “Fox News Primetime” to discuss what Americans may learn from the Pentagon’s declassified UFO report.

CORBELL: We are witnessing, observing, picking up on every type of data that our military has advanced aerospace vehicles that are able to outmaneuver our greatest warplanes. They are penetrating and there are incursions in our most restricted airspace around our nuclear weapons. This is something that the military is very interested in, and they have been lying to the American public. We now know that in 1969 Project Blue Book ended, but there were other UFO programs. So now we’re at a place where we see these objects flying with impunity. You have Commander David Fravor with a tic-tac UFO, you have all these pilots coming forward and obviously to me numerous individuals providing footage that have been confirmed by the Pentagon. So now, you know, we do know, UFOs are real. Now what they are, you know, maybe as well as I do. We all got to find out.

“Fox News Primetime” host Will Cain also spoke to UFO witness Thom Reed who detailed his alleged encounter.

REED:  So when we first, I would say that these three pieces were actually communicating with each other in some way because we felt like we were suddenly under water. Everything seemed muted. Almost like we are near a pool and you hear a tapping sound it echos but everything else is kind of faint. That’s how we all, we all felt that way and then my mother stopped and put the car in park, it was almost as if, you know, my mother mentions the pressure change. We have been through hurricanes so we know what the barometric pressure feels like. Just completely silent. And then there was this eruption of crickets and everything kind of came to life at the same time. So whatever this was not only affecting us, but affecting the surroundings


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