Typing this 'Konami Code' into websites unlocks loads of hidden features and jokes

A SECRET code unlocks tonnes of hidden gems on websites across the internet.

The sequence of key presses was originally a cheat code for power-ups in the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System arcade game Gradius.

It has since become a symbol in geek culture, and has been found as a way to access Easter eggs on pages ranging from Facebook to Vogue UK's website.

The sequence – Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A – is named the Konami Code and was created by games developer Kazuhisa Hashimoto.

Kazuhisa, who previously worked with Konami on several smash-hit games, including Gradius, sadly passed away aged 79 this week, Forbes reports.

What better way to pay tribute than to try out a few of the Konami Code Easter eggs below? For websites, go to the homepage and use your keyboard (arrow keys plus B and A followed by Enter) to access hidden content.

1. Alexa

Amazon's AI assistant Alexa will read out a fun phrase if you recite the code, barking: "Super Alexa mode: Activated. Starting reactors: Online. Enabling advanced systems: Online. Raising dongers. Error: Dongers missing. Aborting…"

2. Buzzfeed

Typing in the code here will give you a funky colourful background.

3. Kuppiya

This IT video learning site pops up a load of fun cartoon characters (watch out for Darth Vader!)

4. Siri

Apple's virtual assistant Siri knows the Konami Code – reciting it to her will trigger one of three responses: "Cheater!", "Nerd." or "I'm getting dizzy…"

5. GenesJournal

Not much of a secret, as it lists the Konami Code right there on the page, but heading to this site will unlock a "hidden" 1976 interview with Stark Trek legend William Shatner.

6. DuelingAnalogs

Jokey video game site DuelingAnalogs has hidden artwork depicting Jesus' disciples acting out the Konami code.

7. CSSline

CSSline is a showcase gallery of excellent CSS sites from all over the world. Typing in the Konami Code gives you a list of… you guessed it: Konami Codes.

8. NikDaum.com

Some people have a fun spin on the sequence coded into their personal websites.

9. Plurk

Typing in the code on someone's profile page causes posts on the page to go a little strange…

10. Wreck It Ralph

Outside of the internet, the code plays a big role in the Disney flick Wreck It Ralph.

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Have you tried any of the Konami Code sites? Let us know in the comments!

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