Trump Touts 'Total' Power in Combative COVID-19 Briefing Blending Campaign Rally-Style Theatrics

Trump Touts Sweeping (and Incorrect) Presidential Power

Soon after Trump’s update, he defensively took more questions from journalists and swiped again at some state governors over their own choices amid the virus and working with him.

While he has repeatedly said he is working well with leaders like California’s Gavin Newsom and New York’s Andrew Cuomo, he has also downplayed what they say is an urgent need for more medical supplies to handle virus patients.

He previously has suggested issues with coronavirus testing also rested with the states, after earlier problems with the federal government-created test kits, and said he would defer to governors on stay-at-home orders.

But on Monday, as two groups of governors separately announced plans to form a pact to work together when the time comes to reopen their economies, Trump wrongly asserted the amount of power he believes he has as president.

“When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total,” he told reporters.

In response, Gov. Cuomo told CNN that “if we had a clearer national direction earlier on,” there would have been a more “orderly” shutdown in states across the country.

He also addressed Trump’s claim of having “total” power.

“You don’t become king because there’s a national emergency,” Cuomo said.

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