Tina Turner’s owned £61.4million Swiss home with her husband Erwin Bach

Tina and her beloved husband Erwin Bach were living in a $76million, around £61.4million, mansion in Switzerland for two years before her death.

The 260,00-square foot property consisted of 10 buildings and was initially bought by the couple as just a weekend retreat.

The stunning property came complete with its own pond, stream, swimming pool and boat deck in the exclusive neighbourhood.

The home was protected by a large gate and featured a plaque outside that read: “Do not even think about bothering Tina Turner before noon.”

The home spans over five acres of land. Tina and Erwin also owned another property in Kusnacht.

While many details of the compound remain quite secretive, there are a few pictures to help show the massive scale of the estate.

A month before the couple bought the pricy pad, Tina sold her music catalog to BMG, a German music company, for a staggering $50million, around £40.4million.

The deal saw BMG acquire hits such as The Best and Nutbush City Limits as well as the rights to Turner’s name and image. 

Turner said she was confident her music was “in reliable hands”. BMG boss Hartwig Masuch said: “We are honoured to take on the job of managing Tina Turner’s musical and commercial interests.”

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The pair had been rending another property prior to making the purchase while they waited to obtain their citizenship.

Tina and Erwin had to wait to buy the property until they received official Swiss citizenship due to a Swiss law that states nonresidents are unable to purchase property in the country, according to the Daily Mail.

Swiss news reports suggested that at one point, Roger Federer considered buying the property but opted to purchase another home in the same community.

So why did the couple decide to move to Switzerland? In 1997, the What’s Love Got to Do With It? singer opened up about leaving America during an interview with the late Larry King.

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She blamed her stardom for her decision to leave the country, saying at the time: “I have left America because my success was in another country and my boyfriend was in another country.”

The singer explained that she found Europe to be “very supportive” of her music and that was a big incentive for her to move.

Tina added: “My boyfriend moved there to run the company and I always wanted to go to Switzerland and I was very happy. Her boyfriend Erwin was originally from Germany.

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