This clever tech will finally stop drivers illegally parking on pavements – and could even prevent terror attacks

THIS clever piece of kit promises to stop inconsiderate drivers blocking pavements – and could even prevent terror attacks.

The "CatClaw" tech could be installed on kerbs to puncture tyres that went where they shouldn't.

It could be used on roads where parking on pavements is prohibited and would help if the London Bridge or Westminster Bridge attacks were copied.

The system uses a car or lorry's own weight to expose a sharp steel road that splits the tyre's rubber when it's driven over.

It's so small and cheap to make that thousands could be installed along kerbs – and it takes minutes to put in place at a few pounds per unit.

It's been designed so it's not dangerous to pedestrians – as a person standing on top of the device would not be heavy enough to activate it.

The idea first came to inventor Yannick Read, from the Environmental Transport Association (ETA), after watching the terror attacks.

He said steel bollards that are now used to block cars on pavements can't be installed everywhere.

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He added: "43 people were killed last year by cars and lorries as they walked along a pavement or verge.

"So I invented CatClaw to reduce this type of terror as much as to tackle politically-motivated attacks."

The name is inspired by the Cats Eyes that line major roads in Britain and that compress under the weight of a vehicle.

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