'The Five': New Manhattan DA 'looking to create lawlessness and anarchy in New York City'

‘The Five’: New Manhattan DA is insane

‘The Five’ co-hosts dress down the left and new Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s soft-on-crime policies.

The co-hosts of “The Five” sounded the alarm on new Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s soft-on-crime policies Wednesday.

“This man is looking to create lawlessness and anarchy in New York City,” co-host Jeanine Pirro said. “And let me tell you one more thing, guys, because I did this for 30 years: This is going to throw us back to the Wild West. New York will lose its home values, its business values. Your kids are not safe going to school. You’re not safe riding on the streets. There are no traffic crimes that will be prosecuted.”

Co-host Greg Gutfeld explained how crime has been politicized in recent years.

“We were told that there were no riots, right?” he said. “There was no crime wave. There was no explosion in murder. It was mocked daily on CNN. But then January 6th happens, and suddenly CNN is pro-cop for one day.”

That was because “the average American’s victimization is not the media’s shared experience,” Gutfeld said.

The Viking hat-wearing Capitol rioter “validates their political assessments about the people they despise” and thus is “more important than thousands of murder victims strewn across this country,” he added.

“We are living in a world where inconsistencies in belief about crime are based on … how it helps somebody politically,” Gutfeld continued. “That’s why this stuff still exists.”

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Gutfeld also reported that in Texas’ largest county, violent offenders who had been released on bond committed more than 150 murders. 

“[T]his is spreading like black mold all over the country,” he remarked.

Bragg released a memo that says that jail time “could jeopardize someone’s housing,” co-host Jesse Watters reported.

“Oh, really?” he retorted. “Oh, so some sex offender gets to brutalize some teenager, and then they get booked [and] brought in. [Bragg] doesn’t want to keep him on pre-trial. He wants to let him walk before trial, so then he could just revictimize some other teenager?”

“…This guy’s insane,” Watters concluded. “He just cares more about emptying the prisons than protecting the community.”

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