‘That shine!’: Mum shows how she creates the shiniest sheen on her chrome fridge

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Lucy is a mum and cleaning aficionado, who keeps her home sparkling and uses her social media to show others how. The cleaning, home, motherhood, and lifestyle Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencer and been sharing her tips for three years. Lucy has a routine for her fridge with a number of steps. It leaves her chrome fridge looking gorgeous and shiny.

The mum uses Milton Tablets to wipe down the fridge, an interesting choice.

Milton Steralising Tablets are not usually used for cleaning kitchen utilities. They were devised to sterlise baby items in cold water.

The effervescent tablets kill 99.9 percent of germs for 24 hours, and are meant for items like bottles, teeth rings, and breast pump parts.

However, Lucy uses her for the chrome fridge with great effect.

One follower wrote: “Love seeing folk trying out things I’d be scared to try.

“Milton tablets on my chrome I would never dream of but will defo try this out, looks amazing, well done once again.” [sic]

She drops three of the tablets into a bowl of water. She then dips a microfibre cloth into the water and wipes down the entire outer surfaces of the fridge, making sure to open doors and wipe the inside of them too.

Next, she takes a Zoflora disinfectant mist and uses it on the whole outside of the fridge, wiping it with another microfibre cloth.

She makes a special point to spray the handles, too, and wipe them down.

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One fan wrote, “This is great, so shiny,” while another said, “Sparkling.”

“Love your fridge mate,” one wrote.

Another fan had an expert suggestion, and said: “And to protect it after use a tissue with baby oil.”

Keeping the fridge clean is a job involving constant upkeep. How can you maintain a gorgeous, sparkling refrigerator?

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How to keep your fridge clean

  • Use fridge liners
  • Use baskets to store items like eggs and veggies
  • Wipe the surfaces in your fridge quickly on a daily basis
  • Make sure your fridge is at the right temperature (four degrees)
  • Use bicarbonate of soda in a bowl to eliminate smells
  • Designate areas of the fridge for different types of food

Lucy recently shared her “total washing machine clean”, and an essential tip to prevent smells. 

In a TikTok video, Lucy also showed followers how she cleans a “secret” compartment in her washing machine.

This compartment in the washing machine door seal. This part of the machine is often forgotten, but it does collect water and dirt.

The stagnant water here can become smelly and even affect the smell of your clean washing.

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