Tesco and Aldi shopper shares shopping list – how did they shave £120 off monthly bill?

Saving money where possible will be an aim for many, particularly as millions feel the financial impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. This may include cutting costs on weekly expenditure, and one Tesco and Aldi shopper has managed to do just that on their food shopping.


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Writing on a Mumsnet thread back in 2018, “Alibongon0001” explained that they tended to shop at Aldi and Tesco for different items.

In switching some of their grocery spending to certain supermarkets, they estimate they saved £30 each week.

“I get weekly shop from Aldi, I find their fresh chicken quite reasonably priced and very nice,” they shared.

“They also have ‘ready to cook’ meals, such as hunters chicken which I buy for quick meal.” [SIC]

So, what does this shopper tend to buy from different stores?

They listed their shopping list for items are Aldi, stating they “always get”:

  • Fruit
  • Veg
  • Cheese
  • Chicken
  • Bread
  • Kids cereal
  • Cordial, lemonade, tonic,
  • Gin (very nice)
  • General basics really.

However, the shopper heads to Tesco for the following items.

“But.. I have to go to Tesco for:

  • Ketchup
  • Beans
  • Weetabix
  • Nicer tonic
  • Toilet paper.”

“It’s saved us about £30 a week by switching,” they wrote.

The shopper said that these savings came “not just because the food is cheaper,” but also because the move saw them stop putting additional items into their trolley “trolley because it’s on offer or looks nice”.

However, they did warn of the temptation to pick up Special Buys which the store may stock.

“Of course, that’s if you can resist the artificial grass, spanner sets an paddling pools,” they teased.

Meanwhile, “KTCluck” explained that they had managed to cut expenditure by around £20 per week by switching supermarkets.


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However, they did point out that this was a few years ago, meaning they are unsure whether the difference would have continued to have been so significant.

While they had noticed a big price difference in Lidl too, this shopper had gone on to buy nearly the entirety of their food from Aldi.

They gave some insight into this, as well as sharing some of their meal plan ideas.

“We cook from scratch and manage to buy almost all of our ingredients in Aldi – fruit and veg(fresh and frozen), all basics like pasta, rice, tins of beans, most of the basic herbs and spices, chopped tomatoes etc, meat (although we order in bulk from musclefood too), fish, Quorn mince and pieces, Greek yoghurt, love their range of cheeses,” they penned.

“Typical meals for us are curry, chilli, lasagne / bolognese, chicken or fish with cous cous and veg, stir fry.

“We rarely buy ready meals and sauces etc but don’t think they are hugely cheaper than elsewhere from what I’ve tried, so if you tend to use more convenience stuff there might not be much difference.

“I like their frozen food like fish fingers, and they do lovely ice lollies / ice cream.

“They usually do really nice treat type things as well, especially around Christmas.

“I also find their cleaning products pretty comparable to branded stuff, converted to their washing powder and love their nappies and wipes.”

While the majority of their shopping is carried out at Aldi, for more unusual ingredients and some luxury herbs and spices, this Mumsnet user sometimes heads to another supermarket.

“We tend to do a top up shop for this sort of thing at Sainsbury’s every couple of months and save our more fancy meals for around that time,” they penned.

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