Substack VP warns Twitter employees quitting over Elon Musk: ‘Please do not come work here’

Elon Musk now Twitter’s biggest shareholder

‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discuss Elon Musk’s potential impact on Twitter’s censorship of conservatives after the billionaire purchased nearly 10% of shares.

Subscription newsletter platform Substack poked fun at Twitter employees angry over Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk becoming the largest stakeholder in the social media company this week.

Tuesday, Lulu Cheng Meservey, the Vice President of Communications at Substack, announced her company was hiring, but warned Twitter employees upset that there would be “less regulated speech” with Musk on the board not to apply for a job at Substack.

Cheng Meservey tweeted, “If you’re a Twitter employee who’s considering resigning because you’re worried about Elon Musk pushing for less regulated speech… please do not come work here.”


Meservey was referring to the liberal backlash after the billionaire and free speech advocate bought a multi-billion dollar stake in Twitter. 

Last month, Musk wondered if something needed to be done to combat the social media company’s penchant for censorship.

In a March 26 tweet he asked, “Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy. What should be done?”

Monday, it was announced that he bought a 9.2% stake in the company, becoming the largest stakeholder and joining its board of directors shortly after.

FILE PHOTO: SpaceX founder Elon Musk reacts at a post-launch news conference after the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, carrying the Crew Dragon spacecraft, lifted off on an uncrewed test flight to the International Space Station from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, U.S., March 2, 2019. REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo
(REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo)

A Bloomberg op-ed ironically calling the move, “bad news for free speech,” Tuesday while the hosts of ABC political talk show “The View” took a different approach and criticized Musk’s electronic car company instead.

Likewise, Substack has come under fire from the left for its commitment to publishing voices outside the mainstream and independent journalists like Bari Weiss and Glenn Greenwald.  

In January, the company was attacked by the left over accusations it had published “anti-vaccine” authors’ newsletters.

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