‘Stop burning money’ Couple share simple trick to save £280 a year on energy bills

Smart Meters: Dominic Littlewood offers advice to reduce bills

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34-year-old Mark Millena has linked his smart meter to the free Samsung SmartThings Energy app and says it has helped him make huge savings on his energy bills. It’s so easy anyone can replicate his savings with just a few simple changes to their habits.

He’s been using the free app SmartThings Energy app on his phone which syncs with his smart meter to track and measure the couple’s gas and electricity usage.

Because all the data is at one’s fingertips it makes it much easier for people to keep an eye on their energy usage without having to stand over a smart meter.

This helps Mark and his wife Coraline, not only save money, but also do their bit towards helping the environment.

Mark told Express.co.uk: “I am quite a techy person so I started using the app when I learned it was available.

“A lot of our appliances are smart enabled so the app shows which ones drain the most energy.

“You can set timers or behaviours for each device and the app analyses which appliances use the most energy.

“Combining this with other small changes like opting for energy saving bulbs stops us from burning money.”

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Mark’s energy saving tips include:

  • Adjusting the schedule of their Hive heating system so they only use heat when needed
  • They both work from home so turn computers off straight away after using
  • Turning off all sockets when not needed
  • Using close to the maximum load when washing clothes in the washing machine
  • Buying energy saving bulbs
  • Replacing appliances with eco friendly appliances when the time comes

The digital agency founder is not the only Briton to swear by linking a free app to one’s smart meter to make significant savings on energy costs.

Another little known hack which could save Britons £40 a month on energy bills is to use a slow cooker.

A charity called Homeless in Teignbridge Support (HITS) has been looking into the cost savings of using a slow cooker rather than an electric oven and the results are impressive.

They say a 160W slow cooker can be used for 15 hours and 42 minutes for the same energy usage as one hour with a standard electric oven.

Meanwhile, one of the biggest expenses for Britons is the food shop but many people are turning to food clubs to make big savings on their supermarket shop.

A Bristol resident told Express.co.uk how she gets £25 worth of food for just £3.50 at her local food club.

Anyone can sign up no matter what their income or personal circumstances.

UK residents should search for a food club near them – there are clubs in most towns and cities.

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