State pension age: How to check yours and find out when you’ll get free bus pass

Retirement expert advises people to learn about state pensions

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With changes being regularly made to the state pension age, it is important people are aware of when they will be able to start receiving their state pension. An online tool can provide the answer.

People can find out various pieces of information relating to their state pension age through the official Government website (

The “Check your state pension age” tool can be used to check when someone will reach state pension age.

They can also find out their Pension Credit qualifying age.

Finally, Britons can check when they will become eligible for free bus travel.

When using the service, people will be given two options.

They can either choose to see their state pension age and Pension Credit qualifying age, or their bus pass age.

Regardless of which option they select, all they need to do is enter their date of birth to access the information they need.

By choosing the first option, users will be shown what their state pension age is projected to be as well as the exact date they will reach it.

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They will also be told their Pension Credit qualifying age, which is usually the same as their state pension age.

Pension Credit is a benefit which can be claimed by pensioners on lower incomes.

In terms of free bus travel, people who live in England usually get their free bus pass when they reach state pension age.

However, those who live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland can get free bus travel from age 60.

The dates may vary in different parts of the UK, and people can check with their local council to confirm when they can apply for a free bus pass.

Those who live in Greater London can get a 60+ Oyster card.

The state pension age is currently 66 in the UK for both men and women.

This will change in the coming years, as two increases to the state pension age are scheduled.

By 2028, the state pension age is set to rise to 67.

It is then scheduled to increase again to age 68 by 2046.

The state pension age is currently under review, meaning more changes to the Government’s plans could potentially be implemented.

The review will be completed by May 2023.

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