Spotify Playlist in a Bottle lets you leave 'music time capsule' for yourself – with a big catch | The Sun

SPOTIFY has just launched a feature which is the perfect way for nostalgic listeners to kick off the new year.

The music streaming app has created a virtual ‘time capsule’ for listeners to lock away a handful of songs until January 2024.

Listeners answer certain questions such as "A song you’re going to kiss someone to this year,” “A song that reminds you of your favourite person” and “A song you need to hear live in 2023”.

They then choose a vessel, be it a bottle or a box, for the three song playlist to be locked inside.

Spotify will then bury the virtual ‘playlist in a bottle’ until next year – when users can either cringe or cry at their specially selected songs.

But there is one big a catch.

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Users only have until January 31 to create their time capsule, or the option goes away.

iPhone and Android users, with and without subscriptions, are able to participate in the new feature, which was rolled out among users worldwide yesterday.

Users need to select the item they will place their songs in, either a bottle or something else, select at least three songs of their choice and lock them in the time capsule.

Spotify will remind you when the playlist is unsealed in January 2024.

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To create your own Spotify ‘time capsule’, you should head to Spotify Playlist in a Bottle.

Once you open the feature on Spotify, tap Get Started.

Then select what you want to put your playlist in – a bottle, pocket, gumball machine, lunch box or a teddy bear.

Once selected, choose at least three songs and tap Done.

If you want to add more songs to the playlist, tap Add Songs.

And finally, just tap Lock In and wait until next year.

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