Smart method to clean black mould in the bathroom – ‘worked so well’

Mrs Hinch cleaning hack fans say gets rid of black mould

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Lucie Fink is a content creator and YouTuber. She shares a glimpse of her life as a parent and homeowner, including clever cleaning tips. She has a huge 398,700 followers on her TikTok account, where she has amassed almost 14 million “likes”.

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Lucie has a whopping 372,000 YouTube subscribers and 205,000 Instagram followers. She showed her followers how she tackle a large build up of mould in her shower.

Posting the video to her TikTok account, she said: “In the bathroom of the NYC apartment we are renting I started to notice on the floor in the corners that there was black mould growing. It was honestly really gross, and it was growing in all the corners and also on the walls a little bit.

“It was dirty and it looked weird. The whole bathroom gets really streamy when we take a shower in here so it was building up with dirt and grime all over.”

However, the influencer bought a clever device to help her clean the dark mould away. She explained: “I ordered this device from Amazon. It’s basically an electric spinning cleaner. It comes with a few replacement heads. You press the ‘on’ button and it starts spinning.”

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So, how did Lucie use the device to eradicate the mould? She explained: “I sprayed the shower.  I used a foaming bathroom cleaner, I sprayed it on and I let it sit for a couple of minutes.

“Then I turned the water on and started cleaning with the electric cleaner. All of the black mould started slipping away it was really satisfying. I really dug into the edges and the corners. It looks so much better.”

How to stop mould in the bathroom

Get rid of moisture

Mould thrives in damp places, So one good way to keep it dryer is to use towels immediately after use to help dry off any damp areas. Use mould-resistant paint in the bathroom, and a mould-resistant sealant.

Cleaning the bathroom regularly is another key way to keep mould away, preventing rather than curing the issue. Once you have mould, it is key to act fast, remove any mouldy sealant and replace it.

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Why are mould and damp dangerous?

Moulds produce substances which can cause allergic reactions. Try to avoid inhaling or touching any mould in your home.

Signs mould in your house is negatively affecting your health are:

  • sneezing
  • a runny nose
  • red eyes
  • skin rashes
  • asthma attacks

A cleaning influencer who tackles mould in her humid Florida home detailed her vital strategy to get rid of mould in the home. 

Cleaner Hailey Becnel runs the Instagram account @thecleaningchannel. She also posts her cleaning expertise on her TikTok account, The Cleaning Channel.

The cleaner has one product she relies on to eliminate mould in her home.

She said: “To prevent mould I pretreat prone areas with Microban.

“This is a product that, if used correctly, can continue to kill and prevent the growth of bacteria for long periods of time after usage.”

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