‘Simple steps’ to ‘deter’ wasps away from your home as expert predicts ‘bumper’ summer

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Wasps and other pests can invade homes during the summer months, as they look for food and a habitat. Wasps are usually found in gardens, but open windows and doors can be attractive for the pests and tackling them can be tricky as they come with the ability to give a nasty sting. Adam Juson, founder and director of Merlin Environmental has predicted a ‘bumper’ summer for wasps.

Reasons more wasps may appear include the weather, with hot weather leading to more ripe fruit in fields and gardens.

This helps wasp numbers thrive.

The expert told Express.co.uk: “Wasps can be a nuisance in summer but there are various, simple steps you can take to deter wasps away from your home and avoid getting stung.

“Avoid taking sweet treats such as fruit and sugary drinks outside, but if you do make sure you keep them covered.”

Wasps love sugary foods and drinks including overripe fruit.

For anyone with a fruit tree, Adam recommended clearing up any fallen fruit as it can attract wasps.

He added: “Seal any cracks around your home where wasps may be able to sneak in, around windows or where power lines may enter your home for example.

“Wasps nests can be found underground or suspended in trees and bushes, so be aware of your surroundings, including when you are gardening.”

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According to the expert, Britons should wear light coloured clothing when outside.

Adam said: “These colours are less attractive to wasps.

“If a wasp does land on you, don’t panic or flap around, this will make a wasp feel threatened.

“If it happens to get inside your clothes, this is even more likely as it could feel trapped.

“Stay as still as possible until it finds its own way out.

“If wasps are still bothering you, you can set up traps using something sweet.

“If you have a wasp nest near your home causing problems, it is best to call in the professionals.”

Other common pests visible in the spring months include slugs and snails.

They can ruin the garden by eating crops and tender plants.

According to James Partridge at Greenshop, crushed eggshells can be used to deter them.

James said: “Horticultural wool can be laid around the plant to deter slugs and snails, they struggle to move over the dry, fibrous texture.

“They also struggle with sharp or rough textured surfaces, so adding some crushed eggshells or gravel mix around the base of your plants can act as a barrier.”

Eggshells only act as a deterrent when they are clean and dry.

When peeling an egg, try to remove the inner membrane and rinse if it is needed.

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