Shocking footage shows nature take over abandoned car graveyard where dust-covered 1980s motors were left to rot | The Sun

SHOCKING footage has revealed an abandoned car graveyard where motors have been left to gather dust and rust.

The once-loved cars are now stacked up and forgotten about with the motley collection even including Royal Mail service trains.

Urban explorer, Jake Parr, travelled over 25,000 miles to brave his way through the vehicle museum that's been left to die.

The footage shows him works his way through the wasting graveyard showing the lost parts to fire engines and trains that have been hidden away for years, waiting for someone to stumble over them.

The YouTuber from Manchester, shows shots from above of a stack of vintage-looking fire engines, painted in a layer of dust and what looks like green algae as they slowly decay out of the sight of the public.

Jake can be seen clambering over the various red trucks as he checks them out

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Nearby is a white van which has clearly seen better days.

Also left abandoned are two lorry cabs.

The urban explorer then goes outside where a JCB digger has been dumped and surrounded by weeds.

Numerous cars, also half covered in weeds are shown, including what appears to be a gold Ford Escort.

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Another red car left to elements has some of its windows smashed and like all the others, is covered in thick dust and grime.

As the camera goes along the line of cars one car even has its doors missing.

The footage then cuts to a man crouching down in front of a train which is covered in graffiti.

He says: “A mad adventure. A Yorkshire abandoned Royal Mail train that has been here for about 12 years, so let me take you round it.”

The man climbs up inside the driver’s cab which is now daubed with graffiti as well and then goes on to explore inside a number of the wagons which are all left empty and forgotten about.

Jake then takes a look round an abandoned house which is little more than four walls and also pops into the garage where an old Rover and Ford Mondeo has been left.

As he explores further, he comes across an old Mercedes-Benz which almost hidden from view by the amount of weeds growing around and in it.

Nearby are also three tractors that are mostly now covered in rust.

Another car left abandoned is an old Ford Cortina 1.6L which, like many of the other vehicles, is filled with weeds growing around it and inside it.

Towards the end of the footage, a number of burned-out vehicles are found.

The man can be heard saying to the camera: “Stop burning things.”

Near the end, a huge barn is explored which is filled with burned out cars, all in lines with Jake pointing out a Volvo, a Volkswagen Beetle and Fiat.

It’s not the first time Jake has been out urban exploring abandoned places.

Previously he was left petrified after claiming he'd snapped a ghost of a little boy in a "haunted" house.

Earlier this month, a huge car graveyard was discovered which was filled with an array of vintage cars.



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Another urban explorer revealed a creepy car graveyard inside an abandoned factory.

Sean Piper also found a a vintage car graveyard behind an abandoned house in Chester, Cheshire.

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