Sen. Marco Rubio: The FBI should be focused on organized crime, not parents at a school board hearing

Rubio: The FBI should focus on organized crime, not parents at a school board hearing

Florida Senator Marco Rubio calls the probe into school board threats ‘crazy.’

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, ripped into the FBI and DOJ for “alarming” and “hypocritical” intimidation efforts against parents wanting to speak out at school board meetings. Rubio explained the administration has normalized far-left protestors’ behavior against the right on “Fox News Primetime” Wednesday. 


MARCO RUBIO: Well, first of all, it’s alarming. And second of all, it’s hypocritical. It’s alarming because this idea that somehow parents show up at a school board to complain if somebody there decides, well, we don’t like his tone of voice; we don’t like how loudly speaking; we don’t like how often he shows up; that you can be reported. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, which should be focused on things like organized crime, things like drug traffickers, things like terrorism and others who seek to harm this country is now going to divert resources to investigate parents because they scream too loudly or maybe are even rude at a school board hearing. 

And hypocritical because let me tell you, there is very few of any senators, certainly people on the right, members of Congress as well who have not been harassed in their private life. Now, obviously, you just interviewed Senator Paul, and he’s gone through some pretty extreme situations. But I personally had people show up at my home. When I’m there, when I’m not there, they don’t respect that it’s your home. Have people there to confront my family at my home. We don’t make videos out of it, but they sometimes do. I don’t see a lot of concern. I was here a couple of years ago when the Supreme Court hearings were going on. There were senators being chased into elevators and down the hall, and the way it was covered by a lot of people in the press is — you get what you deserve, you deserve to be run out. And in fact, you had Maxine Waters and others on television basically saying, if you see these people out in public, scream at them, not just be nasty and rude to them, try to intimidate them. 

So they have normalized this behavior when it comes to left-wing protesters. But then when a parent speaks out about a school board, they want to sic the FBI on them. This is crazy. 


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