Savvy shopper reveals how they reduced their monthly food shopping bill to under £100

Eliminating unnecessary expenditure can often be essential for many families and can help with other costs, some of which may be unexpected. In an uncertain financial time, looking towards food shopping bills can be a good place to start saving money. And several shoppers have used social media to reveal their tips and tricks for saving money. 


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One Mumsnet user wrote an in-depth plan a few years ago, revealing how she was able to cut down her monthly shopping bill for a family of five to under £100. 

The social media user and her husband spent just under £100 on a month of food shopping from popular supermarket, Morrisons.

And she was happy to reveal her secret to shopping in such a cost efficient way.

She wrote: “There are rules. We can plan all of the meals in advance, and we only buy what we need for them. 

“We buy as much of Morrison’s cheapest brand as we can get away with and don’t drink alcohol, juice or cola, just water and tea or coffee.

“We eat chicken occasionally, but no other meat and buy fruit and veg that is bruised and cheap, then parboil and freeze it for casseroles and pies.

“We always get good quality stock cubes as they are good for soups and casseroles.”

Whilst the shopper revealed her meticulous routine can often be time-consuming, her family enjoyed the meals they were able to make.

She added all of her sweet food was made from scratch, such as biscuits, cake and jam.

The user also stated she only purchased branded items when there was a taste difference, otherwise her family used own brand products. 

Their meal plans were also laid out in detail.

Breakfast consisted of porridge or own brand cereal, with lunch usually a variety of soups or leftover meals from the previous day.

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For a husband, wife and three children, a dinner menu was also laid out for the week.

The Mumsnet user also shared this with the internet.

She wrote: “Monday is beans/cheese/eggs on toast with fruit for pudding, and Tuesday is pizza with homemade toppings. 

“Wednesday is fish – salmon, pollock, tuna, served with potatoes, pasta or rice and veg, with chocolate mousse for pudding. Thursday is sausages with potatoes or pasta and vegetables.

“Friday is probably pizza again with fruit for pudding. Saturday is soup for lunch, pasta with sauce for tea time and cake or biscuits if we’ve baked.

“Sunday is roast chicken, vegetables and potatoes with a fruit pie or crumble with custard or scones and jam for tea.”

For other products, the Mumsnet user stated she uses own brand bleach and other cleaning products to save extra money.

Many social media users said they would adopt the method to cut costs in their own weekly shopping routines. 

A report from the Office of National Statistics in 2019 revealed the average expenditure for a British household per week stood at £572.60.

The figures, broken down by the Money Advice Service, showed a spend on food and non-alcoholic drinks in the UK averaged out at £58.50 per week. 

The Money Advice Service states Britons should always watch out for deals and compare prices between supermarkets to save the most money.

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