Sara Carter exclusive: Fox gets look inside Texas DPS warehouse housing $10 million in border contraband

Investigative reporter Sara Carter gave Fox News an inside look at a Texas Department of Public Safety facility reportedly holding $10 million in narcotic contraband. 

Much of that amount was seized from illegal immigrants and Mexican drug-trafficking cartels that have had unfettered access to the United States.

Carter expanded upon her previous reporting on “Hannity” about the dangers of the many kilos of fentanyl being trafficked into the United States, including the fractional amount Texas authorities are able to interdict.

The Houston-area facility Carter visited held 20,000 lbs of drug contraband, a TXDPS agent said.

A man living on the streets displays what he says is the synthetic drug fentanyl.
(Reuters/Shannon Stapleton)

“We are seeing counterfeit pills that are being manufactured by drug traffickers,” the agent said. “We know the precursors are coming from China into Mexico — and then the cartels manufacture that drug and move it across into our states.”

“That’s what we are seeing with counterfeit pills. It’s killing thousands of Americans because individuals don’t know what kind of drugs they are ingesting in terms of these pills.”

The agent said some of the fentanyl trafficked into the United States from China and Mexico is making its way into the bodies of unsuspecting students who are not drug addicts, but simply accepted a pill from a friend.

Fox News contributor Sara Carter reports live on ‘Hannity’ (Fox News) 

“They’re not aware of what they’re ingesting,” he said. “It’s all falling back into the lack of border policies.”

“The federal government is not taking any action whatsoever,” the agent continued. “They are allowing these trafficking organizations to profit off these illegal immigrants and drugs coming across. They are not taking any actions to safeguard Americans or the border. That’s why we are taking action to safeguard our Texans and the rest of the country.”

Carter later told Hannity that China and Mexico are indeed the two top exporters of fentanyl into the United States, and warned Americans to only ingest pills prescribed specifically by their doctor or pharmacist.

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