Republicans Found the 'Election Fraud'… at Their Own Convention

The irony is just too good. Two Republican delegates were caught trying to vote more than once in the county clerk primary at Salt Lake County’s GOP nominating convention, an event where officials touted the party’s “election integrity” efforts.

Two men attempted to submit more than one paper ballot into the primary ballot box, according to Salt Lake County GOP Chairman Chris Null. They were caught in the act and then stripped of their delegate titles. “One person took two ballots and stuffed [them] into the container … he ran off,” said Null, according to KSL NewsRadio. “Another person attempted, and that person we stopped it before he was able to accomplish it.”

Officials then asked the second man to come to the stage to explain why he was trying to stuff the ballot box. According to Null, the man “claimed he didn’t” try to vote more than once. But, Null said, “We had enough witnesses.”

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Null added that the party plans to bring charges against the men, although what they would be charged with is unclear considering it was a private event and not a government-run election.

Ever since Donald Trump disparaged the security of the American election process without evidence, the Republican party has mobilized to replace local election officials with people loyal to Trump. And GOP legislatures across the country have passed voter suppression legislation under the thin guise of combatting voter fraud, despite zero evidence it happening at any kind of scale, let alone enough to sway an election. Part of those efforts are to change voting by computer to paper ballots, which they claim are more secure.

Following the incident, Null was asked to revisit comments he made earlier in the day claiming paper ballots were the “safest” way to conduct an election, considering the paper ballot stuffing that occurred at the convention. “But look — we fixed it, right?” Null said. “We were able to identify that that didn’t affect the outcome of the election. Paper ballots actually proved efficient here.”

But as the Salt Lake Tribune noted, the attempt at “ballot box stuffing at the Republican convention was more election fraud than has been proven in Utah’s entire 2020 election.”

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