Rep. Donalds: CDC 'creating more vaccine hesitancy, not less'

Rep. Donalds: Making already vaccinate people wear masks ‘makes no sense at all’

Florida Republican discusses the latest CDC mask guidelines on ‘Fox News Primetime’

Rep. Byron Donalds said that the CDC needs to put more information out about the vaccine on ‘Fox News Primetime.’

BYRON DONALDS: I just don’t even know what is going on in America today. If you have been vaccinated, you are protected from COVID-19. Even in the event that you contract COVID-19 again, the symptoms are far more mild than they were originally. So why are we making vaccinated people mask? That doesn’t make any sense. 

Here’s the second thing we should be taking a look at, Tammy. If you are somebody who has already had COVID-19 but you did not get vaccinated, are you the population of people that’s now having to be hospitalized? We don’t know that information. CDC won’t release that information yet. They should put that information out, so we understand how to really gauge this but to tell people who went and got the shot in the arm that they got to put a mask on now, makes no sense at all. You are actually creating more vaccine hesitancy, not less.


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