‘Real life Del Boy’ quits warehouse job for side hustle earning £200k

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Matt Marshall, 32 from Bexleyheath, Kent, said he used to work in a warehouse during the day and try and make extra money selling products in the evenings. The entrepreneur said he struggled for years before finding his side hustle and hitting the jackpot.

The dad told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk he came across his new business venture by accident.

He said:”‘I’ve always been a ‘Del Boy’, selling things and trying to make money. You name it, I’ve tried to sell it in the past!

“I first stumbled across wall stickers when I was trying to find something to sell on a Chinese wholesale website. I found it by complete chance, looking through random categories. So I bought a few from there.

“When they arrived, the quality was poor, the adhesive wasn’t sticky, and they generally looked cheap. I’m not sure what else I was expecting.

“So I looked into ways to produce the wall stickers myself. After much research, I found out how to create them, and it all started there. I loved the idea of creating a brand and product range, allowing people to decorate their homes on a budget, and I’d hit the jackpot.”

Matt said getting his business off the ground has been “a lot of hard work” but sales have grown year-on-year from the first year where he earned £16,000, to last year where it grew to £200,000.

He added: “During the pandemic, I made some marketing videos for my wall stickers and advertised them on social media. Sales went crazy during this time, as everyone was at home, so I did 50+ orders daily. Sales have steadied since life has gone back to normal.

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