‘Rates we’ve never known!’ Martin Roberts on why it’s the perfect time to buy right now

Martin Roberts discusses getting on the property ladder

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The 58-year-old, who has been presenting Homes Under The Hammer for 18 years, appeared on GB News this morning. During his appearance on the show, Martin discussed house prices, the best areas to buy now and paint colours. The property expert also explained why now is the perfect time to buy a home, describing the property world as a “positive” place.

He said: “I know if you’re trying to get on the market, it can be very frustrating when you see prices going further afield.

“Hopefully you are seeing incentives coming in and help coming in.

“If you can get yourself that mortgage, we’re seeing mortgage rates like we’ve never known.

“[We have] sub one percent mortgage rates. When I bought my house, I locked myself into a fixed rate of 15 percent per year.

“Don’t lose hope… You can get there. There are creative ways you can get yourself on the ladder.”

Martin said rather than trying to buy a home yourself, buyers could try and buy with another person.

He continued: “Think laterally, maybe link in with a friend, maybe, you know, work with a relative or somebody who maybe has money.

“You can help buy a house and do it up for them and share the profits.

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“There’s all sorts of things you can do to get on that ladder, you just need to think laterally and don’t give up hope.”

The property market is currently in an era of record low mortgage rates.

However, there are concerns this could soon come to an end as the Bank of England comes under greater pressure to increase interest rates to curb inflation.

Experts are urging homeowners to lock into long-term fixed-rate mortgages while interest rates remain low.

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House prices have also surged over the last 18 months despite earlier concerns the pandemic could have a negative impact on the property market.

The stamp duty holiday, which ended last month after 14 months, paired with people’s desire to lead a different lifestyle has caused a surge in demand, inflating house prices.

Martin said the property market is “not the Armageddon that so many people predicted”.

In fact, Martin said he is seeing property as a way to “supplement their income” and give themselves “another little floating boat in the financial world”.

He added: “People are saying, ‘I need to have a few other things going on’.

“‘So maybe let me buy up a little doer upper property or a little buy to let’.

“As long as you do it right and you do it professionally and you do it ethically I think that’s great.

“The National residential landlords Association is seeing a big increase in the number of people that are joining their organisation wanting their help.”

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