‘Quick fix’ for grout mould and mildew on bathroom tiles

This Morning: Lynsey Crombie shares her low cost cleaning tips

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Lynsey Crombie, aka The Queen of Clean, is well known for her cleaning expertise. The former pro cleaner appears regularly on This Morning to detail her cleaning hacks and tips. So – what is the best way to clean grout and eliminate dirt, mould and mildew?

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Why does grout get dirty?

Grout gets dirty so easily, because it is porous, meaning it has little holes. These little holes fill up with dirt so easily, and this eventually leads to mould and mildew. It’s perfectly normal for grout to get dirty, and regular cleaning is essential to prevent it.

How to clean grout

How does the cleaning influencer Lynsey Crombie, who boasts hundreds of thousands of followers, clean her grout?

Lynsey told Express.co.uk exclusively: “There are so many ways you can clean grout from using white toothpaste to soaking cotton pads in white vinegar and then sticking to the problem area.

“In bathrooms grout often discolours due to mould and mildew, so if you want a quick fix use the Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster. I clean my tiles using a bathroom specific cleaning product and then I always buff up using a glass cleaner and a thick microfibre cloth.”

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How to prevent grout from getting dirty

One of the most important ways to prevent mould building up on grout is to dry off grout after you have used the shower. For grout on floors, it’s important to vacuum and mop the floor regularly. Use a product such as a Magic Eraser to remove dirt from the grout.

Common ways to clean grout

Bicarbonate of soda paste and vinegar

Make a paste with two parts bicarb of soda with one part water. Rub this into the grout with a toothbrush. Then spray the area with distilled vinegar.

The mixture should fizz. Once it has finished fizzing, scrub again with the toothbrush. Then rinse with water.

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Just warm water

In some minor cases of grout stains, just warm water and a toothbrush will be enough. Just gently buff away at the marks.

Grout eraser

Try and product like a grout eraser to clean. Wipe them over the grout and reveal it sparkling clean.

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Recently a content creator detailed an incredible grout cleaning routine which transformed her floor. 

A grout cleaner – the Zep Grout Cleaner and Brightener – has gone viral on TikTok, sending cleaners wild for its ability to leave grout sparkling.

Producers of the cleaner say it is an “exceptional grout scrub” that “deep cleans grout lines and lifts stains.”

It is “safe on most floors”, the company claims, including coloured and white grout.

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