Property news: Shock poll finds more than a third of buyers hope to move by end of summer

The property market has had a difficult few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. While it was initially on hold while viewings had to be cancelled across the country and finances were affected, it’s now reopened for business. However, despite the shaky start, a new poll has revealed that buyers are still hoping to get moving. 


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Experts were concerned when the housing market first reopened that there would be a crash, but so far it’s shown a remarkable recovery. 

Though it may yet still see a downward turn, housing prices are steadily rising, with Zoopla this week predicting that the trend will continue well into the next quarter. 

Estate agents have been inundated following the pent-up demand of the last few months, as buyers hope to find a new home. 

A new poll by UK homebuilder Miller Homes has confirmed that sales are very much back on – and Britons are hoping to move much faster than expected. 

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The company polled 750 potential property buyers around the UK, with surprising results. 

It found that more than two thirds of buyers are itching to get moving and still hope to do so in 2020, despite the uncertainty. 

It found that 69 percent were still determined to make the move to a new home by the end of the year. 

However, for some, their plans are to get moving even sooner – suggesting the lockdown may have cemented their plans even further. 

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The poll found that a shocking 36 percent of buyers hope to move by the end of the summer. 

The survey was taken in May, just as the restrictions were lifted to allow the property market to reopen. 

The government put strict guidelines in place, including encouraging virtual viewings as well as safe viewings in person so long as social distancing was in place. 

Removal firms and conveyancers have also been able to resume their work so that buyers can get moving. 


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Chris Endsor, chief executive officer at Miller Homes, believed the results of the poll were promising – and the buyers’ plans to move this year could be critical to the speed of the housing market’s recovery.

Chris commented: “It’s encouraging to see that so many people are still keen to push forward with their property plans as soon as possible.

“With everyone spending so much more time at home during the lockdown, many people will have taken the opportunity to re-evaluate their current living arrangements and this may prompt increased interest in moving home.  

“Whilst circumstances for many may have changed, for example personal finances, work routine or family life, it’s likely these changes will be key factors in what they’re now looking for in their new home; however it’s clear these have not detracted from that desire to find the right property.”


Miller Homes has reopened its show homes and sales centres with strict social distancing measures on active developments across England. 

Buyers can visit by appointment only in order to control the number of people on site at any one time. 

According to reports, it’s been estimated that 450,000 buyers and renters in the UK had to put their plans to move on hold during the lockdown. 

“Even as strict lockdown measures begin to be lifted, we will continue to work closely with all our colleagues, partners and customers to ensure that, first and foremost, every step we take keeps people safe, whilst helping to get those plans for moving to a new home back on track,” Chris added. 

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