Property: ‘Basic steps’ to save on household bills – ‘stand your ground’ with suppliers

How can you try to keep energy bills down?

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The cost of living is rising, with households on default energy tariffs paying an extra £693 a year in bills. At the same time, many people’s incomes have stayed the same, meaning it is harder than ever for Britons to save money. However, there are several things homeowners can do to save money on bills. Experts at regulated property buyers, GoodMove, have shared different ways households can reduce their energy bill.

With many people still working from home, having fast Wi-Fi is massively important.

However, the experts recommend reviewing whether or not the deluxe package is needed or the fastest speed intended for a family is needed.

They added: “If not, reduce your package. Haggling with your supplier is another way to reduce costs.

“As the saying goes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

“Make sure to stand your ground and try to negotiate a lower price or some other incentive.”

They said: “An easy way to save on your energy bill is to remember to always switch off appliances at the plug and use energy saving light bulbs.

“Turning all your electrical appliances off rather than leaving them on standby can save you around £35 a year.”

This goes for appliances such as microwaves, where switching it off at the plug can help save electricity.

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Unplugging phone chargers when not in use is also a great tip to save money, as well as being much safer.

GoodMove experts continued: “When washing your clothes, do so at a lower setting as this reduces the temperature, which in turn reduces your energy consumption.

“We’d also recommend reducing the number of washing machine cycles you do, so always wait until you have a full load before switching on your machine. 

“Don’t tumble dry as much either, hang your washing outside or on a clothes horse inside to cut down those costs.”

For households on a budget, the GoodMove experts shared “super easy ways” to reduce water consumption.

“Basic steps” include spending less time in the shower, tuning off the taps when shaving and brushing teeth.

The experts said: “Also limit how often you flush the toilet.

“Other ways include only using the washing machine when fully loaded and opting to fill the dishwasher, rather than using the sink, and if you don’t have a dishwasher, use a washing up bowl.”

Another way to help cut down costs is by using a price comparison site.

By doing so, the experts said households could discover that it’s cheaper to switch providers.

They added: “Or if you find an equivalent product cheaper elsewhere you can always call your current provider to request a price match.”

Nima Ghasri, Director of GoodMove, commented: “We all know how quickly household bills can add up, and with costs increasing, it can be difficult for Britons to get a hand on their finances.

“Luckily, there are multiple ways in which you can reduce your household bills but it’s all about knowing where to start so we decided to pull together some of our tips in the hopes of helping you save some cash.”

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