Power bikes and loose connections

I have a 2015 Royal Enfield Classic 350 and plan to replace it with a newer bike. Please suggest the best from the ones I have shortlisted: 2021 Classic 350, Meteor 350 and Honda H’Ness CB350.

Amar, Pune

All three bikes are big upgrades compared to your current Classic 350. You will be more familiar with the Royal Enfields and their torque-dominated experiences, but the latest bikes have smoother engines. The Honda is a rival on paper, but it rides like a lighter, more modern motorcycle. We suggest you read our reviews on these motorcycles and then take a test ride to see which you prefer.

I have a 2017 Honda Jazz VX with a factory fitted touchscreen AVN (Audio Video Navigation) system. A few months back, on starting the car, the screen went white but the audio was fine and I was able to listen to the radio. A few days later, the normal display came back by itself. This happens often and the service centre said the screen needs to be replaced. I did some research and found that the 54-pin flex cable attached to the screen from behind needs to be replaced. Can I apply this fix or is the problem arising due to other reasons?

Rusheel Borse, Panvel

The problem with the AVN system in your Honda Jazz is peculiar and would need a step-by-step assessment to arrive at the root cause.

Like you mentioned, it could either be due to a faulty illumination wire that powers the display or moisture in the connector pins that is causing intermittent trouble. As a first step, cleaning the connector pins or replacing the cable should solve the issue. The system should also be rebooted once the hardware repairs are done. However, if it still persists, the backlight or the LCD panel itself would be faulty and perhaps needs to be replaced.

We suggest you go to a reliable car accessory store or even an electronics repair shop in your city to see if the display can be repaired before considering the replacement route.

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