Pop star Olivia Rodrigo to visit White House to record vaccine videos with Biden, Fauci

While she sarcastically sings “good for you, you look happy and healthy” in her hit song, Olivia Rodrigo really does want the country happy and healthy, partnering with the White House to encourage young people to get their COVID-19 vaccine.

The 18-year-old “good 4 u” and “drivers license” pop star will visit the White House on Wednesday to meet with President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci and record videos about the importance of young people getting vaccinated, including answering questions young people have, according to a White House official.

The videos will be featured on Rodrigo’s channels to reach her more than 28 million followers, as well as the White House social pages as part of the administration’s effort to get more young people educated and vaccinated.

PHOTO: Actress Olivia Rodrigo arrives for Disney's D23 Expo, Aug. 23, 2019.

Biden put out the call for help from youths on Instagram Tuesday morning, posting a throwback photo of himself with the caption, “I know this young person would’ve gotten vaccinated, but we’ve got to get other young people protected as well. Who’s willing to help?”

“i’m in! see you tomorrow at the white house!” Rodrigo replied.

The Biden administration has sought to double down on their efforts to get more people vaccinated — particularly after the country missed the president’s goal of getting 70% of adults at least one dose of the vaccine by July 4.

Young people between the ages of 18 to 24 already have the highest rates of COVID-19 cases, CDC data shows, while increasingly transmissible variants are becoming more dominant in the U.S.

According to the CDC, only 41.2% of the age group is fully vaccinated.

The White House is also putting a special focus on young people 12-18 in their efforts, increasing the number of vaccines provided to pediatricians and other providers who serve younger people, and working with schools, camps and social media influencers to get younger Americans to roll up their sleeves for the vaccine– especially ahead of the upcoming school year.

PHOTO: Dr. Anthony Fauci looks on as President Joe Biden tours the Viral Pathogenesis Laboratory at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., Feb. 11, 2021.

According to the CDC, only 24.2% of 12-15-year-olds are fully vaccinated. Those 16–17-years-old fair slightly better: 36.6% are fully vaccinated.

“It seems to me it should cause everybody to think twice. And it should cause reconsideration, especially to young people who may have thought that they didn’t have to be vaccinated, didn’t have to worry about it, and didn’t have to do anything about it up to now,” Biden warned earlier this month outlining his administration’s efforts to encourage vaccinations for young people.

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