PIP claimants warned they ‘may have to go to court’ if they do not report key changes

Personal Independence Payment: Advice on how to claim

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People who claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP) could also receive a penalty if they do not report their change in circumstances or if they provide wrong information. According to the rules, a change in circumstances includes personal details changing such as name, address or doctor, the help they need changes, the person’s condition changes or has worsened and they are not expected to live more than six months. Other changes can also include if a person goes into hospital or a care home, they go abroad, has been imprisoned, held in detention or if their immigration status has changed if they are not a British citizen. 

PIP is provided to Britons by the DWP who have a long-term physical or mental health conditions or disabilities and are under state pension age. 

The money provided helps these people with extra living costs if their condition makes it difficult to do certain everyday living tasks. 

Everyday tasks include things like washing, dressing, going food shopping, and making decisions about money.

To claim PIP, Britons can call the helpline on the Government website.

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They will then be sent a form that asks them about their condition.

In order to claim, the Government website states that Britons will need to have their contact number, date of birth, National Insurance number, and their bank or building society account number and sort code. 

People will also need their doctor or health worker’s name, address and telephone number, dates and addresses for any time they’ve spent in a care home or hospital, and dates for any time they spent abroad for more than four weeks at a time, and the countries they visited. 

Once the form has been completed, some people may need to have an assessment, if more information is needed.

Successful PIP claimants could potentially receive £627 a month depending on how their condition affects them. 

PIP is made up of two different components called the Daily Living Component and the Mobility Component. 

People will then be able to claim either the standard rate or the enhanced rate. 

For daily living, people could receive either £61.85 a week or £92.40.

For mobility, the rates sit at  £24.45 and  £64.50. 

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Some PIP applicants are able to claim both the daily living and mobility components of the disability payment.

People can also be paid any type of combination of the components. 

Britons do not get charged tax on the PIP they receive and if they have any dependents who live with them, they will also not be affected by the Benefit Cap.

In order to report a change, people can contact the PIP enquiry line on 0800 121 4433. 

This line is open to callers from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If a person needs someone to help them, they can ask for another to be added to the call and they can ask for someone else to call on their behalf. 

People will also have to report if they have been paid too much and will have to repay the money if they did not report a change straight away, gave the wrong information, or were overpaid by mistake. 


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