People are just realising why Apple skipped making an iPhone 9 – and it’s not because of ‘bad luck’ | The Sun

PEOPLE are just realising why Apple skipped making an iPhone 9.

Rumours say it's because of superstition – but they're wrong.

Numbers associated with bad luck – or good – tend to vary from one country to another.

It’s common for companies to remove 'unlucky' numbers from product line-ups over their negative connotations.

For example, Japanese camera maker Fuji has been known to skip the series 4 and jump directly from series 3 to series 5.

This is because the word for 4 in Japanese sounds similar to the word for death.


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Countries all over the world, including Japan and China, consider nine to be an unlucky number.

But if Apple was that influenced by 'bad luck' then there wouldn't have been an iPhone 13 – which was released last year.

The reason why Apple never came out with an iPhone 9 is actually quite nostalgic.

When the iPhone 9 was due to come out in 2017, the iPhone X arrived on shelves instead.

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X is the Roman numeral for the number 10.

The tech giant was actually commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the first-ever iPhone release which was in 2007.

The year 2017 marked a decade since the first iPhone was launched, and changed the mobiles industry forever.

So, instead of releasing a smartphone titled iPhone 9, Apple named the device iPhone X and its next device iPhone 11 – skipping the 'unlucky' number 9 altogether.

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