Paddy McGuinness: Inside presenter’s stunning home he shares with wife Christine

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The gorgeous family home boasts several bedrooms as well as a private gym and huge luxurious garden. A regular user of Instagram, Paddy McGuinness regularly shares photos of the inside of the property.

The large living room has a cream sofa with a huge flat screen television mounted on the wall.

It also boasts an open fireplace beneath the television along with cosy furnishings such as a patterned rug.

In the centre of the room sits a glass table with gold edges, complete with some flowers on the top.

To the side of the television were two mirrors along with other pieces of decor including a vase of artificial flowers.

Grey fluffy carpet ran throughout the living room.

One comment from Instagram user Katie read: “Whoever is hoovering this carpet knows how to do it right.”

Paddy recently shared a photo of his luxurious bedroom, which had natural furnishings throughout.

Towards the back of the room was the large bed, complete with four different coloured cushions.

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Each side of the bed featured a nightstand which also had a mirror above.

The grey fluffy carpet ran throughout the room.

Paddy also has a stunning cream sofa in his bedroom which featured grey piping around the edges.

One comment from Ali read: “You know you’ve made it when you can fit a three seater in the bedroom.”

The room was complete with natural-toned curtains.

In another snap, fans were given a glimpse of the family kitchen, which featured cream cupboards and a grey and white marble worktop.

The kitchen featured a large sink with plenty of greenery on the windowsill.

The walls were white in colour, a theme continuing round the television presenter’s stunning home.

Back in the summer, Paddy headed outside to his BBQ where he cooked his family dinner.

Sharing a snap on Instagram, the television presenter wrote: “Doing Dad bits.”

The large green BBQ sat in the centre of the family’s large patio which was surrounded by bushes.

A cream wall surrounded the garden, matching the tiles on the floor.

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