‘Outdated’ colours and designs to avoid in kitchens – ‘can devalue’

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Kitchens are not cheap so homeowners will want to make sure they choose a timeless design that can stand the test of time and will appeal to future buyers. A fashionable kitchen trend now could be unappealing in years to come. For example, painting properties with dark colours have been on trend over the past year or two but some people find dark colours oppressive.

High gloss and all-white kitchens can also feel dated and clinical. Textured finishes, painted surfaces and visible grains and timbers can be more appealing and are easier to change.

With this in mind, Looeeze Grossman, founder of The Used Kitchen Company, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about which features can devalue a home and potentially “turn off” buyers.

Over clutter and statement colours

Looeeze said homeowners should try and keep kitchen worktops as “clear as possible” in order to attract buyers.

She also suggested avoiding “bright colours” that can “put them off” buying your home.

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She said: “Try and keep worktops as clear as possible, and just because you may have dreamt of a pink/turquoise brightly coloured splash-back/worktop, this often will be the first thing a buyer sees and could put them off.

“Stay neutral, keep worktops clear and add a vase of fresh flowers (or bread).”

Overdoing lighting

Lighting can create a warm, inviting atmosphere in a kitchen. However, too much lighting can appear harsh, bouncing off surfaces and floors.

Instead, Looeeze suggested installing statement lighting surrounded by toned-down lighting to make it less overwhelming.

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She said: “While using a different light fixture over the kitchen island or table can create a good addition and highlight the centre of the kitchen when overdone it can also look overwhelming and kitschy.

“If you decide to install statement lighting, make sure that the rest is toned down but sufficiently illuminates each part of the kitchen.

“Having different types of lighting with separate switches that can be used together or individually work best.” 

Outdated, old-fashion design

Looeeze said this is one of the features that “can devalue your kitchen the most”.

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She said: “An outdated, old design is not only a turn-off for buyers visually, but also financially.

“It means they’ll have to invest in a completely new kitchen the minute they move in or rent the place.

“And as a first-time buyer, these renovation funds aren’t always immediately available, so they’ll look to knock those costs off the buying price. 

“Old fashioned designs include tiled backsplash, linoleum or carpet flooring, dated colour schemes, or just a dated design that hasn’t been invested in for a long time.”

Other features to avoid include patterned splashbacks, matching colourful appliances and industrial-style kitchens.

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Appliances should be as much of an investment as the kitchen itself. Homeowners should instead concentrate on quality instead of style.

Choosing bold, colourful appliances can make a statement but they won’t match every home and can quickly look dated.

Patterned splashbacks cal also quickly look dented and won’t be to everyone’s taste.

Industrial-style kitchens are fashionable but they can look distressed and cold to some buyers.

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