‘Only 79p’: Mrs Hinch fan shares ‘game changing’ washing machine cleaning tip – ‘amazing’

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Mrs Hinch rose to fame on social media after she started sharing unusual cleaning tips and tricks. Fans of the guru often take to Facebook to share their own finds, including how to clean a washing machine.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman shared how she gets her washing machine sparkling.

Mia Thorpe wrote: “Love cleaning the washing machine. Gives me such satisfaction.

“Just used soda crystals to clean mine, only 79p.”

Soda crystals can help to remove stains as well as soften water.

They can be picked up for as little as 79p in supermarkets.

What’s more, the non-toxic product can be used to unblock drains as well as help to get rid of nasty washing machine smells.”

Sharlene Scott commented: “How many soda crystals do you use? I normally just use a dishwasher tablet and a bit of Zoflora.”

Mia replied: “Online video says half a bag which is quite a lot but I’ve done it to see it if it’s worth it.”

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Hans Rocarbon wrote: “I did this! Used pine disinfectant in all slots. Was amazing to see the whole drum full with water!”

The cleaning enthusiast added that she tried another load of washing with a drop of Zoflora.

Mia said: “It smells amazing, I used a bit of Zoflora to give it a boost. Just put a wash on so hopefully my clothes smell as lovely as the washer.” 

Zoflora concentrated disinfectant comes in a variety of different scents as well as removing 99.9 percent of bacteria.

Harriet Kay wrote: “Make sure to also clean the drawers as well as the drum.

“I tend to use bleach or disinfectant on it to help get rid of germs.

“Also make sure to run it without any clothes, it’s game changing.”

When using the washing machine often, it is a good idea to leave the door open to help the machine dry.

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If not, the washing machine can begin to smell as well as produce mould.

Taking to the same Facebook page, fans shared various different methods of removing musty smells.

Sue Baker said: “Put two dishwasher tablets in the drum and put on a hot wash, brilliant stuff.”

Diana Rothwell added: “Dishwasher tablets and a wash without any clothes. Amazing!”

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