‘Nothing beats it!’: Mrs Hinch fans share free trick to leave windows ‘streak-free’

Mrs Hinch: Cleaning hack removes grime from window

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Cleaning windows is a task many homeowners put off, with glass notoriously hard to get just right. However, there is one “free” item which could be crucial in helping to cut through smudges and stains. Fans of internet sensation Mrs Hinch have shared on dedicated Facebook pages their best ways for cleaning streaky windows on a budget.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for advice on products to use on her “streaky” windows after numerous failed attempts.

Swan Smith wrote: “Help. I’m sick of my windows looking streaky. What does everyone use?”

The inside and outside of windows can get dirty if not cleaned regularly.

On the inside, steam, grease and other particles can find their way to the windows and build up over time.

Even after cleaning some may find that streaks do not go away. 

Luckily Mrs Hinch fans have shared how to achieve “streak-free” results using a “free trick”.

Linda Howell said: “A free trick I use to clean my windows is to use tumble dryer water. 

“It works every and my windows always come out streak-free.” 

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Dawn Millar commented: “Water from the tumble dryer works amazingly.”

Lisa Smith agreed: “Definitely water from tumble dryer.

“Spray on, give it a wipe with kitchen paper or a microfibre cloth and it’s streak free.”

Eileen Gallagher suggested: “Water from the drawer of my condenser tumble dryer. 

“Been using it for years to clean windows, mirrors, stainless steel and water plants etc. Nothing beats it and doesn’t cost a penny.”

Marie Helen said: “I use water from my condenser dryer, game changer.”

Pauline Wigmore wrote: “Water from the tumble dryer and a microfibre cloth, shining after.”

Julie Philips advised: “Tumble dryer water, it also shines up chrome, high gloss units.  

“It’s amazing I also use it on my tv screen and all streak free.”

Patricia Barron replied: “My daughter in law did my windows with this [tumble dryer water] and I’ve never seen them looking so clear and clean.”

Amongst all the comments, one Mrs Hinch fan asked how others were using their tumble dryer water to clean their windows.

Maria Watkins asked: “How do you use the water from the tumble dryer, on its own or with a product?” 

Dawn Millar answered: “On its own with a cloth or paper towel.”

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