New Xbox Series X will let you turn off console without saving game – and 'quick resume' instantly

THE NEW Xbox console will come with a handy new feature that makes it easy-peasy to resume games after your console has shut down.

The "Quick Resume" feature means players can reboot the console without saving and then almost instantly start the game up again from where they left off.

With most previous consoles, you'd need to save the game before rebooting them in order to avoid losing your progress.

When you switched them back on, you'd then need to sit through a bunch of loading screens to get back into the game.

With Quick Resume, the whole process is streamlined so you can get back to playing as quickly as possible.

Microsoft introduced a similar feature with the Xbox One to resume a single game at a time from a suspended state.

The Series X, however, will have the capacity to resume multiple games from this state, Microsoft’s Larry Hryb revealed in a podcast on Wednesday.

The feature will work whether you've switched games, your console has been rebooted or you're resuming from standby.

"I had to reboot because I had a system update, and then I went back to the game and went right back to it," Hryb said in the podcast.

"So it survives a reboot."

That's great news for gamers, as it means you'll longer have to save your game every time you take a break from playing.

The news comes off the back of a huge announcement this week in which Microsoft revealed fresh details about the Series X.

Out in time for Christmas 2020, the console will be eight times more powerful than the original Xbox One.

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, called this extra power a "true generational leap" that promises higher framerates and "larger, more sophisticated game worlds".

Xbox Series X performance – a major upgrade

Here's the official lowdown from Microsoft…

  • "Xbox Series X is our most powerful console ever powered by our custom designed processor leveraging AMD’s latest Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures
  • "Delivering four times the processing power of an Xbox One and enabling developers to leverage 12 TFLOPS of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) performance
  • "Twice that of an Xbox One X and more than eight times the original Xbox One
  • "Xbox Series X delivers a true generational leap in processing and graphics power with cutting edge techniques
  • "Resulting in higher framerates, larger, more sophisticated game worlds, and an immersive experience unlike anything seen in console gaming."

Microsoft is also making the old Xbox games backwards-compatible, describing it as "four generations of gaming".

You'll be able to play original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games on the new console.

And these games should be improved by steadier framerates, faster loading times and improved resolution.

There's also no price yet, but this kind of performance won't come cheap.

The announcement about the next-gen console came amid near-total silence from Sony about its upcoming PlayStation 5.

While we know Son'y console will be out shortly before Christmas – around the same time as the Series X – we know little else about it.

Like Microsoft, the company hasn't announced a price but we also don't know what the PS5 even looks like yet.

Sony is expected to make an announcement about the console in the coming weeks.

In other news, the Xbox Series X will be eight times more powerful than the Xbox One, according to Microsoft.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X could cost a hefty £500 at launch.

Earlier this month, Sony set the official PS5 website live.

Will you be upgrading to the Xbox Series X or PS5 this year? Let us know in the comments!

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