Nancy Grace previews Fox Nation special on Ghislaine Maxwell, says socialite 'loved' Jeffrey Epstein

Nancy Grace on ‘intrigue’ surrounding Ghislaine Maxwell

Nancy Grace previews Fox Nation documentary ‘A Ghislaine Maxwell Investigation with Nancy Grace.’

Longtime legal analyst and former prosecutor Nancy Grace joined "Bill Hemmer Reports" Friday to discuss the latest developments in the case against Ghislaine Maxwell ahead of Friday's release of her Fox Nation special, "A Ghislaine Maxwell Investigation with Nancy Grace."

Grace told host Bill Hemmer that she had "found out a lot" about the British socialite's past and added that people appear to be "completely captivated" by the 58-year-old Maxwell.

"I'm not sure why … " Grace said, "I prosecuted violent felonies in inner-city Atlanta for ten years. She is nothing more than a pimp to me, but a lot of people are intrigued by her because she comes from a multimillionaire family. She went to … Oxford, and she hooks up with Jeffrey Epstein."

In the new series, Grace guides viewers through the troubling relationship between Maxwell and the convicted pedophile, who died while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges in August 2019.

"She loved him," Grace explained. "She only broke up with him because he wouldn't marry her. I think from then on, she is trying to do anything she could to please him in all sorts of ways, including trolling outside schools to get little girls for Epstein to rape."

Grace guessed Maxwell will likely cooperate with authorities and reveal the identities of high-profile figures involved in the alleged sex trafficking ring in the hopes of a reduced sentence.

"I'm telling you right now," Grace warned, "the feds don't need her. She can either cooperate and name names of other wealthy or influential individuals, or she can go to jail for 35 years. That's what she's looking at."

To watch the full special "A Ghislaine Maxwell Investigation with Nancy Grace" available Friday, July 17, visit Fox Nation and subscribe today. At 7:00 p.m. ET on Friday, Nancy Grace sits down and answers fan questions in a crime story Q&A all about the Ghislaine Maxwell investigation on "Crime Stories, Questions With Nancy Grace."


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