Mysterious Sky TV codes EVERY telly fan must learn – do you know what they mean? | The Sun

YOUR Sky TV is littered with strange codes – do you know what they all mean?

We've put together a simple guide to decrypting the mystery codes.

Letter codes

The letter codes appear underneath show titles.

And they're added to describe some of the extra features that might be available for a show.

For instance, a show might offer better image quality, or there might be support for sign language.

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Here's a full list of the letter codes that you'll find on Sky…

AD: Audio descriptions are available to give extra commentary for people with visual impairments.

DS: This means the TV show supports surround sound on compatible systems.

HD: It's a high-definition show (and also widescreen).

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S:Subtitles are available.

SL: It's a sign language show (which can't be turned off).

UHD: This is a 4K Ultra HD show, so expect better quality. You'll need a compatible 4K screen and a good internet connection.

W: The show is display in widescreen.

Rating codes

You're likely much more familiar with ratings codes.

These are designed to tell you whether a show might be suitable for children, based on their ages.

It's always worth checking before sticking a film on in the living room.

U: Universal – anyone can watch.

PG: Parental Guidance – parents should decide whether it's suitable for very young or impressionable children.

12: Not suitable for children aged 11 or under.

15: Not suitable for children aged 14 or under.

18: Only suitable for adults.

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Sky is constantly being updated, so you might find that new codes appear in the future.

We'll keep this article update with the latest codes as they're added.

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